Court Five Accelerator


Your favorite movies, television, books, games, comic books, and toys all began with an idea. Multi-billion dollar franchises all began with an idea. Everything begins with an idea.

The Court Five Accelerator empowers today’s independent creators to convert their ideas into media of all kinds for the growing global marketplace for filmed content.

We find ourselves in an unprecedented time. Technological innovation in film and television distribution and the rise of digital streaming, gaming and social media offers ed storytellers many new channels for sharing their creations. Never before has there been so much demand for high-quality entertainment content in so many diverse formats.

To answer this demand, we have created an incubator to invest in stories at all stages so that talented creators can turn their vision into reality with as much flexibility and as many resources as possible.

We are for proven producers who love artists. We have been privileged to work with some of the most iconic creators of our time and we know that with commitment, vision, and capital, creative magic and financial windfalls can happen.

Join us!